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ICELESS launches a new contest!

Autumn has arrived, the days are inexorably getting shorter and temperatures are beginning to drop. The countdown to the cold has now begun. You’ll need precious help and ICELESS is there for you! We have therefore decided to launch a competition with our product at stake. ICELESS is intrinsically linked to the cold and therefore we would like to receive from you the most beautiful photos on the theme WINTER!

Send us a picture taken by you (even if not recent) that is related to this season, such as a beautiful snowy landscape, a pet playing in the snow, special ice shapes, drawings in the snow, the windshield of your car, etc. and the most beautiful pictures will be rewarded weekly with an ICELESS that will be delivered directly to your homes at no cost!

How to participate?

First, follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram! Then, choose the channel that suits you best to send us your photo: by private message on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t you have any social media accounts? Send it by e-mail at info@iceless.ch (with subject “Winter Campaign”)!

Some indications:

  • Send us only one picture per week.
  • We will reward a maximum of three photos per week.
  • Winners will be contacted privately.
  • It is not possible to convert the prize into cash.
  • We guarantee maximum data protection. By submitting a photograph to us, you authorise us to publish it on our pages unless you indicate otherwise. Information regarding surnames or addresses will NOT be published under any circumstances.

Do not hesitate another moment, take your smartphone or your camera and send us a photo related to the cold! Or look in the archives of your devices and choose an older one. And don’t forget to follow us on our pages: in the next few days we will publish another campaign with prizes not to be missed!